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WHEELpassion Inc. is a not-for-profit organization. In an effort to keep program fees at a reasonable rate, volunteerism is encouraged at WHEELpassion Inc.

There are several ways in which one can make a difference:
Volunteer to assist with special programs
Volunteer to Mentor
Volunteer to help facilitate field trips
Volunteer to provide administrative support or to serve on an advisory committee

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I agree that in the course of considering my application, you may inquire me to verify information considering my background, including my educational, criminal, and employment histories. I authorize educational institutions and references to give you any and all information concerning my education, employment and suitability to work with young people. I further agree to release and hold harmless WHEELpassion references and law enforcement from all liability and any damage that may result from releasing this information to you and/or volunteering on behalf of WHEELpassion.

I understand that photographs/video tapes may be made of my volunteer activities. I fully authorize WHEELpassion without limitation, to copy, publish, and distribute such photographs/video tapes. I waive all claims I may have against your organization and/or its agents, subsidiaries, or assignees related to the above photos/video tapes.

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