Duane E. Perkins, MBA


Duane E. Perkins represents the constituents of Danbury’s 5th Ward where he is serving his 5th term on the Danbury City Council.  He is a member of the Government General I Budget Committee.  Duane has served the community by addressing issues ranging from public safety, veteran and senior tax relief, education funding and neighborhood concerns.  Duane is a Leadership Danbury Alumni, Danbury Chamber of Commerce, class of 2007.

Duane is a tenured professor at Naugatuck Valley Community College.  He has spent the past 18 years, educating students in the areas of computer applications, marketing and organizational behavior.  Duane’s teaching philosophy focuses on the principles of adult learning theory which include critical reflection, problem centered learning, self-directed learning and experiential learning, which are essential elements to maximize adult learning and growth.

Duane received a master’s degree from the University of Bridgeport, a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University, and an associate’s degree from Mattatuck Community College.

As a Life-long resident of Danbury, a former semi professional football player, avid cyclist and the proud father of three daughters Kia, April and Ashli.  Duane is committed to education, health and wellness and activities to foster community engagement.